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Technic details


Dynamic damping tonearm unit
Pivot construction:
Gimbal suspension type
Arm pipe:
Titanium nitride (TiN) taper pipe
Effective length:
Rear stub length:
68mm to 85.5mm (From the tonearm fulcrum)

Arm height range:
42mm to 62mm (From the surface of the base to the arm pipe)
Helicoid portion:
Horizontal tracking error angle:
+1° 6 ' (30cm record inner circumference)
+2° 6 ' (30cm record outer circumference)
Under 7mg (Lateral, Vertical)
Effective arm mass:8g (Without cartridge)
8g (Without cartridge)
Applicable cartridge weight:
5 - 7g
Resonance peak:
Below 6dB
DC resistance of Phono cable:
39.5 mΩ / m
Capacitance of Phono cable:
41.5 pF / m
Compatible cartridge compliance:
10 - 14x10-6 cm / dyne (Dynamic, 100Hz)
Cartridge mounting dimensions:
12.7 mm (1/2") mounting interval (JIS standard)

Shell terminal lug:
Diameter 1.2mm, 4-pin
Diameter of arm base mounting hole: 62mm
* Technics cartridge compliance is a dynamic compliance display
If another company displays a value of 25x10-6 cm / dyne or higher, approximately 1/2 of the value is the same as dynamic compliance because of the static compliance display

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