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Technic details


AM / FM Stereo Tuner
[FM tuner section]
Circuit method: FET RF 1 step, 4-unit variable condenser, 5-step limiter, quadrature detection, PLL MPX
Practical sensitivity:
Mono - 4μV (S / N 50dB) / 1.9μV (IHF)
Stereo - 50μV (S / N 50dB)
S / N ratio:
Mono - 73dB
Stereo - 68dB

[FM tuner section, continued]
Harmonic distortion (Mono):
0.2% (100Hz)
0.2% (1kHz)
0.2% (10kHz)
Harmonic distortion (Stereo):
0.3% (100Hz)
0.3% (1kHz)
0.6% (10kHz)
Capture ratio: 1dB
Effective selectivity: 80dB (400kHz)
40dB or more (1kHz)
35dB or more (50Hz to 10kHz)
Frequency characteristics:
50Hz to 10kHz, +0.2 -0.5dB
20Hz to 15kHz, +0.2 -2dB
Image interference ratio: 85dB or more
IF interference ratio: 90dB or more
Spurious interference ratio: 90dB or more
AM suppression ratio: 55dB
Carrier leak suppression ratio: 65dB
Muting operation level: 2.2μV
300Ω (Balanced type)
75Ω (Unbalanced type)
[AM tuner section]
Circuit system: Non-tuning RF 1 stage 2 series variable condenser
Practical sensitivity:
300μV / m (Bar antenna)
15μV (IHF)
Selectivity: 35 dB
S/N ratio: 50dB
Image interference ratio: 40dB or more
IF interference ratio: 55dB or more
[Output level / impedance]
Fixed: 650mV / 5kΩ
Variable: 50mV to 1.5V / 2.5kΩ
4ch MPX: 250mV / 5kΩ
Semiconductors used:
Transistors x 16 pieces
FET's x 1 piece
IC's x 3 pieces
Diodes x 8 pieces
AC outlets:
Power switch non-interlocking x 1 line

Power supply voltage:
AC 100V, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption:
15W (Rated)
External dimensions (W x H x D):
420 x 150 x 365mm
Around 1975

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