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Technic details


Music Production Sampler
Number of parts:
16 parts (2 keyboard parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 1 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part, 1 accent part)
Sample capacity:
384 (256 monaural, 128 stereo) or a maximum of 285 sec. (Monaural)
Sampling frequency:
Memory capacity:
256 patterns, 64 songs

Tree processors x 16 types
Maximum of 128 steps per part
Motion sequences:
Total of 24 freely assignable sequences totaling
Maximum of 256 patterns per song
Maximum 20000 events for event recording
Phone jack - Stereo
Maximum output level - 16mW / 33Ω or more / Tube gain = min.
Output impedance - 33Ω
Output (L / Mono, R):
Phone jacks - Mono x 2
Maximum output level - 0 dBu or more / Tube gain = min
Output impedance - 220Ω (110Ω at Mono)
Load impedance - 10kΩ
[INDV. Out]
Phone jacks: Mono x 2
Maximum output level: +7 dBu or more
Output impedance: 220Ω
Load impedance: 10kΩ
[Input (Audio In)]
Phone jack: Stereo (Unbalanced)
Input impedance: 10kΩ or more (At Line) / 910Ω (At MIC)
Maximum input level:
-20 dBu (At Line) / Audio In level = max.
-52 dBu (At MIC) / Audio In level = max.
Source impedance: 600Ω
MIDI (In, Out, THRU):
5-pin DIN
Smart Media:
4 to 128Mb, 3V (3,3V)
Vacuum tube:
12AX7 / ECC83 x 2
AC adaptor

Power supply:
AC 9V (AC In)
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
358 x 62 x 256mm (Including the rubber feet)